One important issue you have to consider when you are looking for a web hosting service is the % that they are on line.

This is important because you can have customers or clients or just people around the glove that are trying to get into your website and if the web hosting company is off line, you can lose those visits than any time can convert to customers.

Of course everything depends from your demands as website owner, because maybe you don’t main to be off line sometimes in a day, but must people wants to be almost always on line.

There are some sites in Internet that show you how are those web hosting service
and if they can get 99.9% Uptime Guarantee as many websites announce and in our case, you can check in the following link how we really are.


And we are so confident that we accomplish this issue, that if OGC-Host fails to provide the promised 99.9% uptime, we will credit your account with a month’s hosting costs, as we guarantee an impressive minimum network uptime of 99.9%.